Private Sale Web Sites Reviewed

Nowadays it is relatively easy for anyone for set up a web site to advertise their house for sale. The great difficulty is ensuring that any house buyer ever finds your page amongst the millions of property related pages on the internet. Being on the internet does not guarantee that the house advertised will actually be found by any of the millions of buyers looking to buy their new home online.

Which is just one reason why it makes sense to use a private property sales web site with an established presence on the web. There are now over one hundred private sale web sites that will help you sell your house online but many of them are small and do not attract visitors to their sites in sufficient numbers. You must take care to use one of the top sites. There are also specialist sites e.g. Period Property and Barnsetc. that have built a reputation in their specialist sectors of the market.

There are two important aspects to choosing which property web site to use to sell your home:

  1. The private sale web site should provide the range of services you need to sell your house at a competitive price. This will include a page on their own web site with photo's and a description of your property, publicity on a large number of other property sites to get exposure of your house to a large number of house buyers, and a 'For Sale' board to get the attention of local buyers.
  2. The property web site must be 'visible'. It must be easily found by house buyers seaching the net to buy a house. It must also be good at promoting itself e.g. through newspaper and magazine articles, and other media coverage, to get its name in front of the house buying public. This is vital if your house is to be seen by enough people to ensure you quickly find a buyer.

The most effective private sale sites will advertise your home on their own site, the big property portal sites (Fish4Homes, Channel4.com/homes, propertiesdirect.com) and on local newspaper property sites.

Top Private Sale Property Web Sites 

Top sites offer:

  • An established track record as an important player in the property market;
  • professional appearance;
  • A nationwide service to sellers from all over the UK;  
  • Wide-ranging advertising and marketing to attract buyers in all areas of the UK;
  • A well-designed, attractive and easy to use web site where buyers find it easy to locate the sort of properties they are looking for;
  • Property particulars that are well presented; 
  • Telephone support to make it easy to obtain further information or ask questions.

Four of the largest and most established property sites for the private house seller are listed below. Check out my review of their sites.


The Little House Company


My Property For Sale




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