Prepare Your House for Sale

If you want a quick sale you must prepare your property correctly. It will make a big difference to the length of time it will stay on the market before selling. Prepare your property both outside and inside the house before you put it up for sale and start showing it to potential buyers.



To get ideas about what you should do to present your home at its best visit a builder's show home and take note of their techniques for showing and selling a house. They appeal to the emotions of the home buyer by making the home as light, cheerful and serene as possible.



Outside The House

First impressions are important and a well kept garden and lawn indicates a well kept home

  • Mow the lawn regularly while showing your home
  • Remove fallen leaves, litter and weeds
  • Trim back overgrown shrubs and trees.
  • Consider planting extra flowers or add flowers in pots to add colour
  • Repair any damage to fences and paint or stain if necessary
  • Do not leave clutter lying around the garden or yard. Put away garden equipment, toys and other outdoor items
  • Consider removing your dog or other large pets when viewings are taking place

The front entrance of your home is a key part of the first impression your home makes on the potential buyer. Make your front door as attractive as you can by cleaning or painting it. Consider installing new classy looking door furniture. Make sure the entrance light and doorbell are in working order. Put up an attractive looking house number plate that is easily visible from the street.

The average home owner can easily come to overlook signs of disrepair; signs that are obvious to house buyers coming to view your property. Repair missing, loose and cracked roof  slates or tiles and leaking gutters and downpipes especially those that are clearly visible. Wash your windows regularly and paint window frames if necessary.


Inside The House


Houses that appear spacious, sound and clean sell much more easily. Clutter, dark colours and dirt turn off most buyers. So clear away the clutter. That means removing everything you can live without. If possible store it away from the house. Sell any unwanted items.

Organise rooms so that they are seen to have a purpose. De-personalise the house until it is sold by removing personal items such as family photos.


Clean everywhere thoroughly – have the carpets professionally cleaned. Replace badly worn and stained carpeting. Make sure all animal hairs and smells are removed. Clean off smudges, especially around doorknobs and light switches. Don’t forget to clean and tidy the attic, basement and garage. When you are arranging a viewing open the windows to allow plenty of fresh air in to the house.

Rooms painted with bright colours will put off some buyers so consider painting them in more neutral tones e.g. white and magnolia. White walls will make a small room look bigger.

Choose the correct level of lighting for each room and replace dim lights with higher wattage bulbs.


The condition of the bathroom and kitchen are most important. Consider repainting the ceilings and walls and clean or re-grout any tiled areas that are going black. Repair dripping taps and repair or clean the sealant around bathtubs and sinks. Clear kitchen worktops as much as possible and clean all surfaces and fixtures. Clean the oven and all appliances. Reduce the number of items stored in cabinets.


Carry out necessary minor DIY repairs and fix rattles, squeaks and leaks that leave the impression that the house needs a lot of work. Fix squeaking floorboards and steps, and wobbly handrails. Tighten loose doorknobs, light switch plates and cabinet hinges. Free sticking doors and windows.


Repair any roof leaks and remove all signs of water damage: paint over water stains and replace discoloured wallpaper.


Consider the benefit of making some home improvements.


The purpose of this preparation is simply to ensure that you attract the widest range of possible buyers in your area and sell your house as quickly as possible and for the best price.  




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