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When you use a property sales site it does not actually 'sell' your house. It simply provides a property advertising service with a large marketing reach at a very low cost that you could not set up for yourself. The biggest element in choosing a site is how many potential home buyers you can reach by using its services.

Each web site reviewed has a range of advertising packages and in their premium packages they all offer the opportunity to list your advert on a selection of big property portals that are viewed by 100,000's buyers monthly. It is vital to select a package that includes advertising your house on the big property portals.

To have the best chance of selling your house you need to choose a package that:

  1. Advertises your house widely e.g. on big property portals like Fish4Homes, not just on their own website.
  2. Provides a 'For Sale' board. You are likely to get a high proportion of enquiries from your board from passing home buyers scouring the streets.

Property web site package that includes full advertising on major property portals plus a 'For Sale' board Cost of package
 Houseladder   £149.99
 The Little House Company     £175
 Houseweb  £159.98
 My Property For Sale  £139

(Be sure to check the prices on each each site as they can change at any time)

For an extra charge some sites offer 'virtual tours' and floor plans etc.

The prices charged for the same level of service do not vary much between these top sites and they all advertise widely on the big property portals, so any of the above sites is likely to be a good choice.

What you do need to be careful about are the many small copycat sites that on the surface look similar, but which produce a much lower marketing impact and a lower level of service. 




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