Advertising Your House

You can advertise to sell your home in a number of ways.  To maximise your house viewings, increase your chance of making a fast sale and of getting the best price, you should make use of as many ways as you can.

  • Advertise in local newspapers
  • Use the Internet
  • Put up a 'For Sale' board
  • Distribute flyers locally
  • Advertise in national newspapers

Advertising your house in newspapers and arranging for the design, production and distribution of flyers are things that you need to do yourself. 

For getting your house on the internet and getting a 'For Sale' board erected you can choose one of the private internet selling web sites. Many buyers now use the internet and save time and trouble by not having to contact all the local estate agents individually. The most popular private property selling web sites have hundreds of thousands of visitors to their sites each month. In addition they place adverts on the major property sales sites e.g. Fish 4 and HotProperty.

For Sale Boards

While many people use the internet to search for their next property there are also many who find their new homeby traditional means e.g. a 'For Sale' board. Many internet house sales companies will provide professional 'For Sale' boards made to the same standard as those used by estate agents. Your telephone number will be used on the board and you must deal with the enquiries.

Creating Your Advertisement

The aim of your advert is to persuade potential buyers to view your property. It can be used for the internet web site and adapted for newspaper adverts and flyers. There are two main parts to a good advert.


You will need to take photographs of your house, preferably in digital format, and send them by email to your online property web site. Alternatively you may be able to send printed photographs and these will be scanned and uploaded to your web site. Some internet property companies will take photographs for you.

The main photographs that you need to take are:

  1. Front of the house
  2. Garden
  3. Bathroom
  4. Kitchen
  5. Master bedroom

Property Description

Your advert should have a headline to attract attention plus a summary of the property details which will include the main points about the property.

Below this will be highlights of the property's best features. e.g. a great view, an original fireplace or good quality local schools. Also include a paragraph for each room with the dimensions of the room and a brief desciption.   
Finally, a closing line that encourages potential buyers to call: e.g. Nothing like it at this price!

Remember, the fastest way to sell your house is to advertise privately while at the same time making use of the services of an estate agent. Even if you are currently with an estate agent you can still advertise your property  privately at the same time in most cases.




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